Monday, July 19, 2010

SOCIALIZING ... (cont'd)

The chain of open-mic poets was only broken by the featured entertainment of the night: Jason Crane and THE POETS JAZZ TRIO.

Jason Crane
Mr. Crane read a selection of moving and mind-provoking pieces (but ii was a little miffed when he informed none of what he read that night would be found between the pages of his chapbook, Unexpected Sunlight, a poetry collection ii had just purchased). However, because ii was so thoroughly enthralled by his words and the delivery, thereof, ii am more than happy with my newly-bought "jewel".

Not to be outdone by Jason Crane's natural ability to knit words together, the precise musical accompaniment by the remaining trio, Dan Wilcox and Tom Corrado, were a most appreciated enhancement to the poet's spoken words.

The Poets Jazz Trio

By the way, Mr. Wilcox was also the host and MC for the night and Mr. Corrado read a poem of his own during open mic.

Dan Wilcox

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


FACEBOOK (FB) is a world unto itself, as you may know, and being as such, it is a playground for those out-of-this-world events to which one would not be, otherwise, privy. Nothing "crazy", mind you, but something different and wonderful in its autonomous nature to share the lost, the found and, on occasion, the downright sublime.

II received a public invite (via FB) from Dan Wilcox - poet/writer extraordinaire - to attend The Third Thursday Open Mic at The ALBANY SOCIAL JUSTICE CENTER this past week, the 15th of July (a day after my birthday, just so you know :-). Since ii had never been to that location, prior, and was running a little late for the 7:00 start time, ii took a cab and paid $6 for a ride that was only seven blocks away from my own studio (yes, it was a waste but it happens). The best thing about the cab ride is that it was air-conditioned and, even though it was a mighty quick jaunt, spoiled me and heightened my sense of my right to be cooled on a hot, muggy day. Of course, that "right" was quickly dispelled upon entering the center at 33 Central Avenue in downtown Albany for the air/fan/circulation-less dwelling was beyond sweltering. II was greeted by the man, himself, and ushered into an open, office-like setting that neither technology or time remembered. Their byline, "Promoting social justice and welfare since 1981", lived up to being founded that year because the decor, itself, had not been updated since.

Now, do not think ii was disenchanted because ii was, actually, quite charmed by the place and its, obvious, steadfast passion to fight wars for people unable to fight their own - ii understood there was no passion left for decorating (although, ii must admit, ii couldn't shake images of the HGTV & the DIY Networks' various decorating and how-to shows that could help those update any decor lost in a time-warp).
Alan CatlinEd BlochBob SharkeyBrian ListonDon LevyW. D. ClarkeTom CorradoNow on to the festivities: there was a sign-up sheet for anyone who wanted to share their words and about sixteen writers wanted to do just that (only criteria: one poem & a 2-page limit per reader); and the Featured Guest for the evening was Poet Jason Crane of THE POETS JAZZ TRIO (including Dan Wilcox - yes, the same one - on Alto Sax + Percussion and Tom Corrado on Bass).

Alan CaslineMoses Kash, IIIJulie LomoeMalcolm WillisonAveryEd RinaldiD. Alexander HolidayTerry Bat-Sonja
II was creatively inspired by many readings, tickled by a few and was called to action by a couple. II look forward to catching more of these open mic events in the coming months and, perhaps, on one of those occasions, ii'll be inspired to read something of my own (but don't hold your breath ( :-D).

photos/text (c) kvkhai 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"say Hello to my YELLOW friend!"

B I B L E: Believe In Bountiful Life Everlasting

ii posted on my Facebook that the word BIBLE was an acronym for this: Believe In Bountiful Life Everlasting ... and the following comment was posted:

"Can you explain that to the victims of the inquisition, or the native americans, or any abortion doctor murdered, or any other sin committed in the name of your bible"

... and my reply:

"here are some facts about me: ii am a proud american of ethiopian/hebrew, cherokee/mohawk, korean, and italian descent, so ii descend from ppl who were incarcerated on the plantations, reservations, and concentration camps, for the most part, and have, personally, survived child/young adult rape, beatings, homelessness (the list goes on but ii don't want to bore u) and not once did the Bible, itself, commit any of those crimes ... guns don't kill, ppl do, but guns make it easier to do so ... so does blaming a "BOOK" for what crimes are carried out by EVIL ppl, no matter their beliefs, race, et al ... believe me, for every asshole who commits a hideous crime in the name of the Bible, there 10 others who do NOT (such as myself) ... it keeps my hope alive (what's wrong w/ that?) ... Love knows no boundaries and needs no cause - but HATE does ... ii pray your day is filled w/ love, happiness, and understanding ... God Bless and take care!"

just so you know, though ii am a hebrew/christian, ii am not religious ... ii accept all good, positive ppl into my fold, be they gay/straight, dark/light (can pertain to color and/or outlook), tall, short, fat, religious, agnostic, atheist (although ii am confused by their lack of belief in a Higher Power, ii love and accept them as He would) ... my job is not to judge (unless it's a murderer, rapist, terrorist, child molester, etc) - that is His job and if ppl stayed true to their own beliefs (w/out harm to others) this world would be a better place ... but alas, it's not suppose to be - that is the reason for which Heaven exists ( :-D)!

enough of this blabbering ... time for some fudge!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


ii am beyond lazy and too darn broke to become the person ii dream of being. It is easier and less stressful (in the short run) to stay where ii am, who ii am and trust that God likes the me He made me to be and not the one about which ii fantasize. But still ...

ii want to break away

not run away

there's a difference, don't you know?

if ii break today and fly away

there'll be a place for me to go

instead of the hunger to run

leaving behind to become

the same one ii needed to run from.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This poem was written for an elderly friend who had been in great pain and ill for awhile but was still excited about living and couldn't wait to greet every day with a kind word. II appreciated her fire and fervor for life and can only hope to live one with just as much passion.

For Dorothy G. Fischer (1929-2009):

Dance and sing on a silver cloud

O'er mountains built great and high

Revel in gentle sparrows proud

Of their sweetly-sung lullabies

Take a stroll along grasses plowed

Hop and skip through meadows by

Yellow daffodils snuggled in crowds

just delighted to be alive.