Sunday, May 31, 2009


Due to the annoying illness that sidelined me for the better part of the Spring season, I missed a few deadlines (mostly, pertaining to my crafting). But even my writing has suffered: the initial deadline for the Annual Writer's Digest Contest was the 15th of May (needless to say, I missed it). But thank Goodness they also offer a later, final deadline of June, 1st at an additional cost of $5 per entry (price depends on category and amount of work to be entered). So try as I may, I am steadily moving towards completing at least one new short story (although my goal is to enter 3 pieces for this contest that I always dream of winning). I was trying to write all brand new pieces but might have to go into the "once upon a long, long time ago" vault and dust off an oldie. Only time, and the ability to hold onto my sanity, will tell if this is doable.

I won't be posting any of those entries until after the contest but here is something else:


I thought of you today
as the forgotten clouds slept
and their rains ceased
to exist
to drown
to wash away those long, lost days

And thoughts of you when I
was hollow at eighteen
and you filled me
with promise
with hope
with pride in a new me, yet to be -

A better one than what I was
when you touched me
and gave to me
a place
a wonder
a kinship to remember

But that was before the eleventh
of that broken September.
Copyright - KaVA, Ink - 2008/2009