Wednesday, March 17, 2010


ii am beyond lazy and too darn broke to become the person ii dream of being. It is easier and less stressful (in the short run) to stay where ii am, who ii am and trust that God likes the me He made me to be and not the one about which ii fantasize. But still ...

ii want to break away

not run away

there's a difference, don't you know?

if ii break today and fly away

there'll be a place for me to go

instead of the hunger to run

leaving behind to become

the same one ii needed to run from.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This poem was written for an elderly friend who had been in great pain and ill for awhile but was still excited about living and couldn't wait to greet every day with a kind word. II appreciated her fire and fervor for life and can only hope to live one with just as much passion.

For Dorothy G. Fischer (1929-2009):

Dance and sing on a silver cloud

O'er mountains built great and high

Revel in gentle sparrows proud

Of their sweetly-sung lullabies

Take a stroll along grasses plowed

Hop and skip through meadows by

Yellow daffodils snuggled in crowds

just delighted to be alive.