Sunday, November 29, 2009


Finding contentment is slightly difficult after surviving so much pain but being able to thrive (ie. happiness, good health and success) is a rare bird not seen too often in my parts. But i keeping looking for her.


i am of no worth
on this earth -
every breath i take, i waste

for when i fell down
broke my crown
i lost my sense of grace

my innocence and beauty
it their duty
to leave and never return

so, i sit and wait
although it's too late

to unlearn what i've learned

i have learned this
barely, just this:
this life must be lived and loved

each breath that one takes
must not be a waste

Surviving is just not enough.

k.v.khai (c) 2006/2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Check out ALBANY POETS to see how last night's Open Mic went,

Although, I was there - saw, touched and heard things - my ability to render any coherent description has been, obviously, shredded to pieces and buried somewhere off the coast of Maine.

AND i forgot my camera (she might take crappy pics but at least she tries to do her job) and ...

The next Open Mic is sometime in December (???) ... see you there ... maybe ... not ...

It's one of those daze!