Sunday, May 16, 2010

"say Hello to my YELLOW friend!"

B I B L E: Believe In Bountiful Life Everlasting

ii posted on my Facebook that the word BIBLE was an acronym for this: Believe In Bountiful Life Everlasting ... and the following comment was posted:

"Can you explain that to the victims of the inquisition, or the native americans, or any abortion doctor murdered, or any other sin committed in the name of your bible"

... and my reply:

"here are some facts about me: ii am a proud american of ethiopian/hebrew, cherokee/mohawk, korean, and italian descent, so ii descend from ppl who were incarcerated on the plantations, reservations, and concentration camps, for the most part, and have, personally, survived child/young adult rape, beatings, homelessness (the list goes on but ii don't want to bore u) and not once did the Bible, itself, commit any of those crimes ... guns don't kill, ppl do, but guns make it easier to do so ... so does blaming a "BOOK" for what crimes are carried out by EVIL ppl, no matter their beliefs, race, et al ... believe me, for every asshole who commits a hideous crime in the name of the Bible, there 10 others who do NOT (such as myself) ... it keeps my hope alive (what's wrong w/ that?) ... Love knows no boundaries and needs no cause - but HATE does ... ii pray your day is filled w/ love, happiness, and understanding ... God Bless and take care!"

just so you know, though ii am a hebrew/christian, ii am not religious ... ii accept all good, positive ppl into my fold, be they gay/straight, dark/light (can pertain to color and/or outlook), tall, short, fat, religious, agnostic, atheist (although ii am confused by their lack of belief in a Higher Power, ii love and accept them as He would) ... my job is not to judge (unless it's a murderer, rapist, terrorist, child molester, etc) - that is His job and if ppl stayed true to their own beliefs (w/out harm to others) this world would be a better place ... but alas, it's not suppose to be - that is the reason for which Heaven exists ( :-D)!

enough of this blabbering ... time for some fudge!!