Friday, February 12, 2010


Braving shrink-your-balls weather (even those without balls ... had them shrink, fall off, and roll away), a heartily determined small group of word lovers left the freezing temps outside and gathered in the warm air of the UAG Gallery to hear a trio of poets from Albany Poets recite their written work: Chris Brozek and Co-Presidents of the Hudson Valley Writers' Guild, Carolee Sherwood & Jill Crammond Wickham.

II, being of not-so-sound mind and delusions of impending greatness, made an attempt to record the festivities but, as you will see, fell short of completing that task to the best of my camera's ability (please forgive her - her name is "Camera D. Ass", just so you know ... she does make a gallant effort to record sound in which one can hear clearly - but she laughs in your face at your obvious ignorance to think that that is a given ... and on occasion, she does take a quality pic, however, that is only "on occasion" and at her discretion).

Please enjoy the video, anyway :-)