Sunday, October 11, 2009


Emceed by Mary Panza, the ALBANY POETS did not disappoint when they sponsored another Open Mic at the UAG a couple nights ago. Anyone, whether a member or not, could sign up to read their poetry, songs, thoughts, ideas, short stories, etc and perform them for an eager audience.

Three of my favorites: Dan Wilcox, read a few pieces which encompassed "The Beach" and "Zombie Gourd" (a nod to Halloween, no doubt); Cynthia Solywoda (below) performed an original song (a cappella) and read excerpts from a piece that included a language she created (and its translation); and Don Levy's "Getting Older by the Minute" struck a cord in everyone above the age of ten.

Other people at the mic were Thom Francis & Keith Spencer (better known as "Murrow"), Michael Purcell, Chris Borzek, and Bob Sharkey.

All were simply brilliant!!!

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