Thursday, October 1, 2009


I had been thinking about forgiveness and struggling to find its true meaning for many, many years. I have, basically, come to the conclusion that it's a concept and is, in actuality, an abstract. Not as concrete as I'd like to believe.
Certain questions usually arise: How can one truly forgive and honestly forget? Why is one's expectation for forgiveness visited on the other person and not on one's self? How do I, specifically, lesson the cost of forgiveness without diminishing its decisiveness? ...

I want to forgive my mother (and myself) so, a few years ago, I wrote the following:


Let us kiss and make up before we die
Burn our sorrows over charred coals

And look for truth not in those lies
That our memories eventually wrote

Let us dance and sing before our demise
Let us speak what we should have spoke

And simply see through each other's eyes
To let go of out hearts remote.

Copyright 2006/2009 KVKhai,

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